Kiryat Yam couple arrested on suspicion of child abuse

Parents allegedly hit children with belts and rulers; 8-year-old cried to his teacher: "My parents will kill me!"

Child Abuse (photo credit: JPOST.COM STAFF)
Child Abuse
(photo credit: JPOST.COM STAFF)
A couple from Kiryat Yam was arrested for child abuse on Wednesday, after one of their children admitted to his teacher that his parents beat him.
The teacher asked the child for his homework pad, so she can write to his parents that he was misbehaving. The child burst out in tears, and begged the teacher not to write anything, saying: "My parents will kill me, they'll beat me up."
After asking the child a few more questions, the teacher suspected the child was being abused, and contacted welfare offices. Welfare officials called the police, and the children were taken from their parents.
Police investigation has revealed that the parents would abuse their two children, aged eight and nine, both physically and emotionally over the past few years. They would beat the children with belts, spatulas and rulers until they bled.
The parents denied the allegations, and claimed that they would only hit their children "as an educational act."