Knesset outlaws preaching Nazi ideology

MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) proposed the legislation following the arrest of a neo-Nazi group in central Israel last year.

Neo nazis drink beer 224 (photo credit: Israel Police )
Neo nazis drink beer 224
(photo credit: Israel Police )
Preaching Nazi ideology or inciting racism against any group became illegal Monday, through a law that passed a final reading in the Knesset. In the preliminary proposal, only preaching Nazi ideology was targeted by the legislation. However, after a debate within the Knesset Legislative Committee, the proposal was expanded to include all forms of racism. "The State of Israel never used legislation to deal with Nazi organizations, because none of us in our most darkest dreams ever considered that this phenomenon could happen hear," Gafni said. "Unfortunately, recently we have experienced this kind of organization, and I was forced to propose this law," Gafni continued. "We added the topic of racism because the government claimed during the discussions in the Knesset Legislative Committee that there is a message that one must condemn not only Nazism but also racism, and that Israel is obliged on the matter by international conventions."