Knives found in bag at Ben Gurion

Security discovers that weapons belong to band that uses knives in performances.

ben gurion airport298 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
ben gurion airport298 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Security personal at Ben Gurion Airport discovered several knives hidden inside a D.V.D. player, which was inside the bag belonging to a passenger heading to Moscow on Thursday evening. Immediately following the discovery, the El-Al flight on which the man was a passenger was ordered to remain grounded and additional security checks were conducted on all of the other passengers on the flight. The man who was carrying the knives was taken by security personal for further investigation in which it emerged that the man was a member of a Russian band that regularly uses knives during its performances. Another passenger, who had put one of his bags in the x-ray machine, thought he was the reason for the commotion and rushed to the toilet and rid himself of what was later discovered to be a piece of hashish. Earlier Thursday, 11 flights were delayed at the airport when Israel Airports Authority employees stopped loading and unloading planes for an hour. The workers were protesting a management decision to change the status of several employees from "permanent" to "special contract". The dispute was soon resolved after a meeting between employees and IAA representatives.