Krilik indicted in Oshrenko murder case

Kirilik to be indicted f

State prosecutors indicted Dimitry Kirilik on multiple homicide charges on Thursday at the Petah Tikva District Court for the murder of six members of the Oshrenko family in Rishon Lezion last month. Ludmila and Edward Oshrenko, both aged 56, Dimitri and Tatyana Oshrenko, aged 32 and 28, three-year-old Revital Oshrenko and a three-month-old baby, Natanel Oshrenko, were brutally murdered by Kirilik in stages in the early hours of October 17, police suspect. The suspect then allegedly tried - and failed - to set the apartment on fire before fleeing in an effort to destroy the evidence. Kirilik, 39, a Russian immigrant wanted in his country of origin on armed robbery charges, was a former employee of an Oshrenko restaurant. He was unceremoniously dismissed by Dimitry Oshrenko in 2007 after CCTV footage revealed that he had habitually drunk vodka on the job, police say. Humiliated, seeking revenge, and looking for easy cash to feed his compulsive gambling habit, Kirilik carefully plotted out how he would sneak into the Oshrenko's apartment, steal tens of thousands of shekels, and commit murder, police maintain. Kirilik reenacted the crime before officers and has made a full confession. Kirilik's wife, Nataliya, was also indicted in connection with the murders. She has confessed to helping her husband plan a robbery, but denies knowing that he intended to embark on a murderous rampage. Kirilik's 17-year-old daughter was also indicted for allegedly helping her father cover up the crime. The suspect's father, Oleg, too, was charged with abetting his son and acting as an accomplice. Dimitry Kirilik was charged with six counts of murder, as well as robbery and arson, while his wife was charged with manslaughter, conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery and hiding evidence. Only the suspect's mother, Olga, will escape an indictment. Kirilik's attorney, Uri Keinan, has alleged that his suspect has been kept in unacceptably poor conditions, and said Kirilik's confession was worthless since the suspect was bound to his prison cell bed for the duration of his custody. Police and the Israel Prison Service confirmed earlier this month that Kirilik was tied to his bed, saying he presented a risk to the wardens around him and to himself.