LA consulate launches campaign for Sderot

'Live4Sderot' concert, featuring Ninette, is one of 4 events planned to up awareness of rocket-torn city.

NINETTE TAYEB 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The consulate in Los Angeles posted a video clip of the travails of Sderot on the popular You Tube web site Tuesday to increase awareness of the situation in the western Negev and promote a large benefit concert in LA for Sderot later in the month. The concert, called Live for Sderot, will feature Ninette Taieb, and is one of four events the consulate there is planning to heighten awareness of Sderot. The others include the online video, bringing a delegation of 10 Sderot students to LA to speak of their experiences, and the launching of an internet sit on Sunday called live4sderot. Israeli officials have complained consistently that it is difficult to get the traditional electronic media interested in Sderot because it is a story that has been ongoing for seven years and because of a tendency to compare the suffering there to the suffering in Gaza. The internet, however, provides the opportunity to bring the story directly into the computers of the masses who visit sites such as You Tube each day. Noam Katz, the director of the Foreign Ministry's public affairs department, said that the video, along with the benefit concert in LA, are designed to create identification with, and awareness of, the residents of Gaza. "This is part of a systematic campaign to raise awareness of what Israel is facing, and how it is dealing, with Hamas terrorism," he said.