Labor MK blasts Bush 'intervention'

Following Bush phone call, MK Herzog says US is promoting Olmert for PM.

A senior member of the Labor Party said Thursday the Bush administration was intervening in internal Israeli politics and promoting Kadima's Ehud Olmert for prime minister. Yitzhak Herzog, a former housing minister and current lawmaker, said the White House had been firmly behind Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who suffered a massive stroke last week, and was now shifting it's support to his presumed successor Olmert in March 28 elections. Herzog cited reports that Olmert would soon be invited to the White House as evidence. "Aside from saying 'Go vote Sharon,' they did everything else," he said. "It is not proper and not appropriate, it is a crossing of red lines. I suggest to our friends in the United States to understand that we are in an election campaign and not to interfere in the election process in Israel and to act carefully in this time."