Laura Bush visits Jerusalem baby clinic during Israel visit

US First Lady Laura Bush toured Jerusalem on Wednesday, visiting a baby clinic and a mixed Jewish-Arab school in the holy city where she played a card game with children. After arriving in Israel early in the day, Mrs. Bush toured an Israeli government health clinic that offers low-cost immunizations and other health care services to families with young children - an issue Mrs. Bush said was important to her. At the health clinic, Mrs. Bush smiled as a 3-week-old boy Yiftah Rabinowitz gurgled and wiggled his arms on a changing table. "What a sweet baby," she said, listening in as a nurse spoke to the boy's mother about what to expect in the development of a child that age. Nearby, a one-year-old girl Orly Talal played with some toys. "She wants her toys," Mrs. Bush quipped. During the tour, Mrs. Bush was joined by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's wife, Eliza, and Noa Meridor, the wife of the Israeli ambassador to Washington.