Lebanon won't submit complaint to UN

Decision comes after UNIFIL accepts IDF's explanation of n. border flare-up.

lebanesetruck 298 AP (photo credit: AP)
lebanesetruck 298 AP
(photo credit: AP)
Lebanon reneged Friday on its plan to file a complaint against Israel to the United Nations Security Council over Wednesday's flare-up on the northern border, after UNIFIL accepted Israel's version of events. IDF tanks shelled a Lebanese army position after the Israeli troops came under fire during an operation to clear mines on the Israeli side of the border two days after five explosive devices were discovered in the area.
  • UN urges Lebanon, Israel to keep truce Lebanon's Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat told Al Jazeera that "for the moment there is no need to file a complaint. The main message we conveyed to Israel was that we will not sit down and shake hands over violations of our sovereignty." UNIFIL accepted Israel's version of the episode after inspecting the area and came to the conclusion that an Israeli bulldozer did not cross the Blue Line, the border drawn by the United Nations after Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon in 2000. Slovakia's UN Ambassador Peter Burian, the current council president, said Undersecretary-General for Peacekeeping Jean-Marie Guehenno told members at a closed briefing Thursday that "there was no violation of the Blue Line." At the end of the briefing, Burian released a statement saying that the UNSC urged a renewal of tripartite meetings of UN, Lebanese and Israeli military officers requested by the UNIFIL Commander, Maj. -Gen. Claude Graziano.