Lindenstrauss issues court order for PM to testify about Pollard

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has issued a court order against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert which would force the premier to testify before the comptroller on the matter of Jonathan Pollard and his continued incarceration in the United States on charges of spying for Israel, Channel 2 reported on Thursday. In December, the Knesset State Control Committee asked Lindenstrauss to investigate the Pollard affair, which he began to do in January. However, since that time the comptroller had been accused of sabotaging "sensitive efforts" which are workign for Pollard's release. Lindenstrauss denied the charge in a press conference in late March, and while not speculating about who had made the allegation, said that "it is clear that apparently - I hope I'm proven wrong - that someone is very afraid of the outcome of the investigation."