Lindenstrauss okays Shai’s IDF pension

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss approved this week MK Nachman Shai’s military pension and said he was closing the probe regarding him.
In December, Lindenstrauss opened an investigation into the IDF pensionreceived by the Kadima MK from the Defense Ministry. It had beenrevealed that after serving only three years as IDF spokesman, Shai hadbeen granted a military pension for life. According to informationobtained by the State Comptroller’s Office, Shai had been handed therank of brigadier-general and a five-year unpaid vacation, bringing hismilitary service up to eight years and therefore fulfilling thecriteria to receive a pension.
In a letter this week to Shai, Lindenstrauss said he had received allthe necessary documents from the military, including the information onwhich the original decision to grant him with a pension was based, andthat he had decided not to continue with the probe. “I am delightedwith the decision of the state comptroller,” Shai said in a statement.“Like I said all along, the decision was made by the military via thecorrect channels, and now it has also been approved by the statecomptroller.”