Livni Boy still sings namesake’s praises

Despite Obama girl change of heart, Niran Avisar continues to support Kadima leader ‘completely.’

livni good one 298 ap (photo credit: AP)
livni good one 298 ap
(photo credit: AP)
A week after Obama Girl told The New York Post that she had lost her love for the US president she helped elect, her Israeli counterpart, Livni Boy, told The Jerusalem Post over the weekend that he still admired opposition leader, Kadima’s Tzipi Livni.
Bikini-clad Obama Girl’s 2007 song “Crush on Obama” spread like wildfire on YouTube and was credited with helping make the then-presidential candidate popular among young Americans. Kadima followed suit in 2009 with Livni Boy, whose shirtless singing about his desire for Livni helped her win over young, undecided voters in the February race in which Kadima won one more Knesset seat than Likud.
Obama Girl, whose real name is Amber Lee Ettinger, gave the president’s first year in office a B minus. She said she wished Obama had focused more on fixing the US economy and less on health care.
Livni Boy Niran Avisar admitted that he had not followed politics much since the song he sang replaced Kadima’s jingle as the anthem played at all of the party’s events whenever Livni comes into the room. The fashion design student said he was out of touch with the news but that he did not regret his vote for Kadima.
“She is a wonderful woman,” Avisar said.
“I am not sure she could have succeeded in becoming prime minister in this term, but I don’t want to talk nonsense, so let’s finish this conversation.”
In the Livni Boy video, Avisar wakes up under a picture of Livni, puts on a ‘Livni Boy’ shirt and sings of his love for Livni while dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv.
“Oh Tzipi, you’re what I wanted, all that I expected from a political leader,” the chorus goes in a mixture of Hebrew and English. “I don’t want Ehud. I don’t trust Bibi. Tzipi if you let me, I will be your man. Just tell me ‘yes’.”
In another line, he sings ‘Not Golda, not Condoleezza, not Palin, not Michelle Obama, because no one can beat you, Momma.”
The song was the initiative of Livni supporter Dvir Bar, who wrote the words, and Noy Aloush, who wrote the music. Bar said they were inspired by Obama Girl, and wanted to follow up on her success.
While Livni Boy’s clip was not watched 16.5 million times like Obama Girl’s, the 50,445 times it was seen make it the most watched Israeli political clip ever.
“The song helped Tzipi reach young people who otherwise wouldn’t have voted and helped Kadima win the most seats,” Bar said.
“I still support her completely, and I hope she wins the next election. And maybe in the next race, Livni Boy will come back with a new song.”