Livni briefs cabinet on int'l response to fighting

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni briefed the cabinet on international reactions to the fighting on the northern front, and said that while there was understanding for Israel's actions, there was also criticism of lack of proportionality in the offensive. Livni said that according to international law, proportionality is a result of the size of effect, and that Israel's actions were based on 15,000 missiles arrayed against it. She also said that even in the Arab world, there is criticism of the Hizbullah. Livni related to Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora's press conference, where he said the Lebanese government would deploy forces in the south; she said there was "lots of air, and little concrete content." She also said that Foreign Ministry would begin to place a greater emphasis on "suffering on the Israeli home front." In addition, the ministry has co-opted 15 ministry officials to beef up the spokesman unit to be available to the foreign press.