Livni stands by as Kadima MK bashes Olmert

Kadima MK Majalli Whbee slammed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's treatment of minorities at a rally of Arab and Druse Kadima activists in Shfaram on Tuesday. "Unfortunately the current leadership of Kadima is not implementing the values of equality and partnership that the party was founded on," Whbee said. "The party's leaders give lip service to equality but don't do enough to promote it. We are not hitchhikers in the party, we founded it, so our leaders must treat us accordingly. While Labor did the right thing by appointing an Arab minister, our leaders are ignoring our sector." Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter praised Olmert in his speech, but Olmert's Kadima rival, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, made no effort to defend the prime minister.