Lone soldiers thanked with milk-and cookies fund-raiser

Merkaz Hamagshimim to host bake-off, soldiers to act as judges.

lone soldiers 224.88 yaakov katz (photo credit: Yaakov Katz)
lone soldiers 224.88 yaakov katz
(photo credit: Yaakov Katz)
Lone soldiers (those without close relatives in the country) change their entire way of living and come to defend Israel. On Saturday evening, volunteers from the Michael Levin Memorial Center for Lone Soldiers will hold a Milk and Cookie Night fund-raiser for them at Young Judaea’s Merkaz Hamagshimim, which recently moved to the capital’s Baka neighborhood.
“We hope to increase activism and support for these type of events on behalf of lone soldiers here in Jerusalem. Lone soldiers give so much to the country and we want to encourage people to get involved in any way that they can,” event co-organizer Meira Weinstein told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.
The Michael Levin Memorial Center, located in downtown Jerusalem’s Clal Center, in the offices of Tzeirim Bemircaz, provides Shabbat dinners, holiday events, mentorship and donated furniture to the soldiers.
Soldiers to judge cookie contest
On Saturday from 9-11 p.m., people will come to Merkaz Hamagshimim at 8 Gad Street with their baked goods and pay a NIS 25 entrance fee. Soldiers will act as judges, voting on the best cookies.
The winner will receive a dinner for two.
“In my house, baking someone cookies means you love and appreciate them,” Weinstein said in the Michael Levin Center’s press release. “Both my husband and his younger brother were lone soldiers in the IDF. I saw how much they missed their home and family during their service, and how happy it made them to receive a homebaked treat.”
Soldiers will receive nametags, which later in the night will be dropped into a bowl. After fishing soldiers’ names out, winners will receive dinners.
“We are so grateful for the overwhelming positive reaction from restaurant owners around Jerusalem. Joy, Luciana, Little Italy, 1868 and El Gaucho [each] generously donated a meal for two as prizes for the lone soldiers and the winner of the baking contest,” Amy Martin, the other organizer of the event, said in the press release.
'Great opportunity for J'lem residents to meet lone soldiers'
“It’s a fun event for the soldiers and a great opportunity for Jerusalem residents to meet lone soldiers and hear their stories,” Weinstein said.
“We both have a lot of friends who are lone soldiers and we see how lonely it can be,” Martin and Weinstein explained in the press release. “We volunteer at the center to fill a need in their lives that families normally fill. We want them to know that we appreciate all they do for Israel, and that they deserve a little TLC.”