Man catches leopard in his bedroom

Negev resident rescues pet cat from potential mauling; leopard lightly injured.

leopard 88 (photo credit: )
leopard 88
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A resident of the Ben Gurion Field School in the Negev caught a leopard on Monday morning after he woke up to find it chasing after his pet cat in his bedroom. The man, Arthur Damush, pounced on the leopard, holding it in a head lock before it was taken away. The leopard was placed in a cage and was then transferred for medical examination and treatment to find out if the wild cat was unwell and why it had come so close to a residential area. The capture came after several cats had recently gone missing in the neighborhood, which is located near Mizpe Ramon, and after residents had noticed a leopard prowling amongst the houses on several occasions. The leopard was lightly injured, and Damush, who was lightly scratched, was transferred for medical treatment.