Marciano could face jail time for fleeing police

Labor faction chair Yoram Marciano could face three years in jail after he fled from police late Thursday night while they were writing him a ticket for shaving while driving. The police volunteer who issued the ticket said that Marciano tried telling him that he could not give him a ticket, because he is an MK. He said that after he informed Marciano that his superviser told him that MKs could be given tickets, Marciano grabbed his license and drove away. Marciano, who was recently cleared of charges that he attacked a bouncer at a night club, will face an NIS 500 fine for not keeping both hands on the wheel, and he could face a maximum of three years in jail if he is convicted of interfering with a police officer's work. Marciano said after the incident that he was not aware that shaving while driving was illegal and that he drove away because he thought the ticket could be sent to him in the mail.