Meet the New MK: Alex Miller

Miller, the youngest MK in history.

For new Israel Beiteinu MK Alex Miller, the 17th Knesset will be all about student issues. That is not too surprising since he just finished being one himself. The 29-year-old Miller is the youngest MK in Knesset history. Only months before he joined Israel Beiteinu, he was serving his second term as Chairman of the Student Union at the ORT Academic College in Tel Aviv. "I came to the Knesset because I knew that I could continue my activities on behalf of students and become active in parliamentary work for them," said Miller. While most MKs have hung paintings and diplomas on their walls, Miller's remains empty. The new MK said he has been busy learning the system and preparing laws. "We have already submitted three laws on student issues, and have two more in the pipeline," said Miller. "My laws come from the public. I meet with many students and get many requests." Although Miller did not belong to a party before he decided to run with Israel Beiteinu, he said he had no doubts over which party he would join. "The MKs of Israel Beiteinu impressed me the most and I agreed with their ideology more than the ideologies of the other parties," said Miller. "Their parliamentary work was very serious." Miller moved to Israel from Moscow in 1992. He lived in Ramat Gan and Beersheba before moving to his current home in Rishon Lezion with his wife and four-year-old son.