Metallica fans' boycott effort pressures lower prices

Tickets that originally cost NIS 900 and NIS 600 respectively will be going for NIS 490.

Metallica 58 (photo credit: .)
Metallica 58
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Following a grassroots boycott campaign on Facebook launched by local Metallica fans upset over the high cost of tickets for the US superstars’ May 22 concert at Ramat Gan Stadium, ticket prices for the show have been significantly lowered.
“We would like to personally thank Metallica and their management for directly helping us with reaching our goal and reducing the prices,” said Tomer Mussman, the initiator of the Facebook boycott page, following the announcement of the new prices on Wednesday night.
Mussman met with the promoter of the show, Gad Oron, on Wednesdayevening and worked out a compromise. Standing room tickets that hadcost NIS 1,200 will now be sold for NIS 990, while the tickets thatoriginally cost NIS 900 and NIS 600 respectively will be going for NIS490.
“After a four-day campaign, tens of news items about us worldwide, over6,000 supporters and numerous media interviews, we can say that we didit!” wrote Mussman on the Facebook page. “We won!”