MK A-Sanaa at Children Rights hearing: Ben-Ari 'a fascist'

At Knesset hearing on youth violence in Silwan, arguments erupt between National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari, United Arab List MK Taleb A-Sanaa.

Sanaa with Haniyeh (photo credit: Associated Press)
Sanaa with Haniyeh
(photo credit: Associated Press)
A heated argument broke out between MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) and MK Taleb A-Sanaa (United Arab List) at Monday morning's Knesset Children Rights Committee hearing on youth violence in the east Jerusalem village of Silwan. The hearing was held following last Friday's rock throwing incident in which two Arab children from Silwan were injured after they were hit by a car driven by Elad direct David Be'eri.
After A-Sanaa called Ben-Ari a "fascist," Ben-Ari said A-Sanaa is "a terrorist who came to provoke." A-Sanaa erupted during the discussions and said that "the issue is the settler's rampage." In response, Ben-Ari said, "the subject is the Palestinian murders. Don't provoke." Ben-Ari told A-Sanaa that "you are using children as murders" and questioned, "What are you doing here, enemies?"
Elad director runs over rock-throwing youths in Silwan
Head of the committee Danny Danon removed A-Sanaa from the hearing who questioned, "Is this a committee in favor of children or settlers?" Directing his attack at Ben-Ari, A-Sanaa said, "You are the face of the Knesset. Cursed is the country if you represent it." Ben-Ari retorted, "Right, now eat your heart out."
Ahmed Tibi also attacked Ben-Ari after he said weapons can be used to save one's life. "You don't have any empathy for a child who was sent into the air, you are a group of sociopaths," Tibi attacked. "Danny Danon, you are crazy, what happened to you?" Tibi questioned. "This committee needs an accompanying psychiatrist, you are all crazy, you guys need to stand trial. You are a group of fanatics."
Ben-Ari replied and called the two "terrorists." "Go to Libya. You guys shoot children in the head. Go wear a dress with Kaddaffi. Go bomb planes. A child, who threatens someone's life, should be shot," said Ben-Ari.
Outside of the hearing, A-Sanaa told the media: "I intend to complain to the head of the Knesset on the cynical use of the committee, which has changed to be a committee in favor of settlers and not children."

"I will demand a concerned and objective discussion on the committee plenum," A-Sanaa continued. "Instead of protecting children whose rights are being trampled, discussions are being held about the rights of settlers who have nothing to do in Silwan and in the Palestinian territories."
During the hearing it was mentioned that since July there have been 450 cases of rock throwing in Silwan, an average of four cases a day. Seventy-six suspects have been arrested, 30 of which were children. Be'eri, who was the reason for this special discussion, was not present at the meeting.