MK Dotan: Israel interested in closer ties with EU

MK Amira Dotan told European Union commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner on Thursday that Israel is interested in becoming "more involved" in the EU. Dotan, a Kadima MK who chairs the Knesset delegation to the Parliament of the European Union, wrote to Ferrero-Waldner - who visited Israel earlier this week - expressing her hope for a "stronger partnership." "I am writing to you in light of your comments to The Jerusalem Post regarding Israel's ability to do more to move closer to the European Union," wrote Dotan. "I share in your thinking that more can be done to maximize the potential inherent in the Israel-EU potential (sic) by way of the European Neighborhood Policy and the EU-Israel Action Plan… I view your comments as an outstretched hand from the EU and I am committed to take the necessary measures to turn words into actions." Dotan also said that there was a natural base for partnership between the EU and Israel. "The Europeans and Israelis are developing themselves in similar ways. Their dilemmas are similar to ours," said Dotan. "I wanted to make sure [Ferrero-Waldner] heard my voice... There is a sense that Israel has not done as much as it should to be involved in the EU."