MK Miller: Punish Sakhnin and its mayor for Land Day demo

Israel Beiteinu MK Alex Miller on Wednesday called on Interior Minister Eli Yishai of Shas to investigate whether Sakhnin Mayor Mazen Ganayem was involved in the “event of hatred and incitement” in Sakhnin on Saturday to mark Land Day.
Toward the end of the ceremony, attended by 10,000 Israeli Arabs, some of whom holding Palestinian flags, two men wearing keffiyehs, held up photographs of Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hizbullah, and Imad Mughniyeh, who was a leading terrorist in the Lebanese organization before being assassinated in Damascus in February 2008, allegedly by Israel.
According to a statement issued by Miller, “it is inconceivable that year after year, the territory and budget of Sakhnin will serve as a convenient launching pad for spectacles of hatred and incitement against the State of Israel. Matters just keep getting worse as time goes on. If by now we’ve gotten used to seeing PLO flags, in recent years we are facing cries of support for terrorism and ‘martyrdom,’ and yesterday we were ‘privileged’ to see pictures of the arch-terrorists Mughniyeh and Nasrallah on Israeli soil. This occurred in a demonstration which was apparently financed, at least partially, by the state. It is absurd, not to mention stupid.”
The Israeli tabloids used huge headlines and displayed large photos ofthe masked demonstrators holding up photos of the two Hizbullahleaders. The incident reportedly occurred at the end of the traditionalLand Day march from the center of Sakhnin, to a memorial to the IsraeliArabs who were killed in the first Land Day commemoration in 1976.