MK Ruhama Avraham questioned by Fraud Unit

Knesset Chairman and temporary president Ruhama Avraham (Kadima) was questioned under warning by the National Fraud Unit regarding her role in the Agrexco case, Israel Radio reported Wednesday morning. Avraham allegedly received free flights from Agrexco in return for favorable treatment in the Finance Committee of the Knesset. Agrexco is a major Israeli agricultural exporter. The company was considered for deregulation and allegedly Avraham pledged its case in the committee on this issue and also in regards to taxation on companies employing foreign laborers. Agrexco and other agricultural companies rely heavily on foreign laborers. Avaraham has been absent in the Knesset meetings on Monday but the reasons for her absence were disclosed by the head of the National Fraud Unit. In the past the Unit notified the media of it s investigations before or early in the stages of investigation. Avraham's investigation, only revealed to the public on Tuesday, was a departure from this norm.