MK Sharon, Hanegbi top corruption list

A new poll lists those perceived as most dirty politicians.

omri sharon 298.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
omri sharon 298.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
MK Omri Sharon is perceived as the most corrupt public official, a new opinion poll presented at a Sapir College conference in Sderot on Tuesday, found. The most corrupt minister, the poll showed, was Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud), followed by Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud), Education Minister Limor Livnat (Likud) and Finance Minister Ehud Olmert (National Responsibility). Closing the top five was Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The MKs who are perceived as most corrupt, following Omri Sharon, were MK Shlomo Benizri (Shas), MK Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) and MK Roni Bar-On (Likud). The ministers who are viewed as least corrupt were Housing Minister Yitzhak Herzog (Labor), Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (National Responsibility), Vice Premier Shimon Peres (Labor), Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz (Likud) and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom (Likud). The least corrupt MKs were MK Yosef Lapid (Shinui), former MK Avigdor Lieberman (National Union), Avraham Poraz (Shinui) and newly-elected Labor Chairman Amir Peretz. According to the poll, 69% of the public believe that the level of corruption in Israel is high or very high; 64% said the level of corruption in Israel was higher or much higher than in the past. The most corrupt institutions were the political parties (69%), the Knesset (48%), the government (45%) and labor unions (40%).