MK Taha encouraged kidnapping

MK Erdan: Taha's statements in online chat show "serious breach of faith" toward Israel

"Attacking citizens is a tame option. The other possibility is the military option, where a resistance military unit is established to infiltrate army camps, to confront soldiers, fight with them, and take the soldiers and the occupation captive," said MK Wasal Taha (Balad) to Palestinian internet users in an online chat room, NRG reported Sunday. Other MKs expressed outrage over Taha's encouraging the kidnapping of IDF soldiers. MK Gilad Erdan (Likud) said Taha's statements showed "a serious breach of faith toward the State of Israel," and spoke to Interior Minister Roni Bar-On about the possibility of revoking Taha's citizenship. Meretz MK Ran Cohen called Taha's calls for a "military approach" immoral and inflammatory. "Taha's identification with the Palestinian people cannot justify calls for violence and kidnapping soldiers," he said. MK Zevulun Orlev of NU/NRP, who had proposed a law to revoke the citizenship of MKs who endorse or identify with terror organizations, declared that "the treacherous words of MK Taha prove that Trojan horses have infiltrated the Israeli Knesset, and democracy must defend itself from them. Taha is proud of cooperating with the enemy and testifies that the kidnappers' instructions did not come only from Khaled Mashaal in Syria." Israel Beiteinu MK Alex Miller said Israel must "bring to strictest justice anyone who incites terror and attacks on IDF soldiers, and aids terror organizations." "If Palestinian terror organizations are Taha's cronies," said Miller, "then he can relieve us of his presence and go live with them."