MK Tartman to be investigated under suspicions of embezzlement

Yisrael Beiteinu MK Esterina Tartman, who had just re-emerged from months of relative silence following her degree-fibbing scandal, was back in the headlines Thursday under suspicions that she and her husband engaged in embezzlement and tax fraud. A Channel 2 report revealed that Tartman will be questioned as part of an investigation into tax fraud. Tartman's husband, Uri Shmuel is also considered a suspect, and was arrested earlier this week under suspicion of illicit fuel deals. According to allegations, fuel that was destined for the Palestinian Authority found its way to the Tel Aviv area, where it was illegally sold, and part of the profits from the illegal deals found their way into Shmuel's hands. Investigators believe that Shmuel never reported this income to the tax authority, and are also probing allegations that Tartman also offered inaccurate reports about property holdings.