MKs petition against Amir insemination decision

A lawyer representing Labor MKs Neta Dvorin and Ronen Tzur told the High Court of Justice on Monday that the state should not have to pay for the artificial insemination procedure that would be needed for Yigal Amir's wife to give birth. The lawyer, Shahar Ben-Ami, tried to persuade the court to accept his clients' petition against the decision of the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to grant Amir's request to artificially inseminate his wife, Larisa Trimbobler. Amir's lawyer, Shamai Ari, said Amir was entitled to the basic right to raise a family and that any decision to the contrary would stem from a desire to take revenge on him for assassinating Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The court, headed by Justice Ayala Procaccia, said it would hand down its decision at a later date.