MKs skip meeting on constitution

As talk of future elections, toppling the coalition, and inter-party politics filled the Knesset ahead of the release of the final Winograd Report, Law and Constitution Committee chairman Menahem Ben-Sasson was forced to cancel his committee's Monday meeting when no MKs showed up. Fourteen experts from across the country had traveled to Jerusalem to attend the discussion on the constitution, but only Ben-Sasson was there to greet them. "Of course it bothers me, but Knesset members are very busy, with many demands on their time," said Ben-Sasson, who added that he had waited more than half an hour before dispersing the committee. While other committee chairmen often hold meetings with only themselves present, Ben-Sasson said that due to the special nature of the constitution, he only held discussions when at least one other MK was present. Ben-Sasson presented his draft version of the constitution to the Knesset more than a year ago. Since then, the committee has made headway on the preamble to the constitution and is currently deliberating the issue of civil rights.