Mofaz: 9 homes in Amona outpost to be demolished

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has pledged to demolish nine new permanent homes in the unauthorized outpost of Amona in Judea by January 2006. His decision is in response to a High Court of Justice petition filed in July by the left wing group, Peace Now. On Sunday, Peace Now released court documents informing the plaintiffs and defendants in the case of Mofaz's pledge. Mofaz's office confirmed the information. In August, the state had already promised to demolish the homes after Israel completed its pullout from Gaza this summer. Amona, home to 30 families and established in 1996 on a hilltop opposite Ofra, considers itself to be the "first outpost." In a government report released last march by attorney Talia Sasson, Amona was listed as one of 105 unauthorized outposts.