Mofaz offers support for Acting PM Ehud Olmert

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz stated on Thursday that the Defense Ministry and security forces would not be weakened by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's hospitalization. He reaffirmed that heading Israel's security system is a group of responsible, experienced people who are doing everything necessary to ensure Israel's safety. He noted that the new situation did not require any unusual security deployment, more extensive than what was already present. Addressing the Israeli people, Mofaz said that they could be confident that the sensitive and complex situation to which Israel is now exposed would not weaken the security forces. The IDF, the Shin Bet (Internal Security), Israel Police would continue to work with determination in order to protect Israel's security, he concluded. He related that he planned on meeting Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to update him on the security situation. The defense minister expressed support for Olmert, saying that the whole security system, with Mofaz at its head stand behind Sharon's deputy, and would do whatever it takes to aid him in his important tasks.