Mofaz orders IDF to catch Katyusha cells

Defense minister holds Hamas responsible for all Palestinian terrorism.

mofaz good 224 88  (photo credit: Defense Ministry )
mofaz good 224 88
(photo credit: Defense Ministry )
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, in a security assessment meeting on Thursday, decided to order the IDF to increase its pressure on terrorist groups, specifically Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility for Tuesday's Katyusha rocket attack from the Gaza Strip. "The launching of the Katyusha is very grave and severe, and it demands decisive and unequivocal actions to dismantle this terrorist infrastructure," Mofaz exclaimed at his office in Tel Aviv. The defense minister ordered the security forces to do all within their capabilities to "get their hands" on those behind the attacks. He stressed the need to target those who planned the attacks, those who launched the rockets and those in possession of the weapons. In the security assessment, officials reported a rise in terror threat level. As a result, the defense minister decided to maintain the existing closure on the territories Mofaz said that following the swearing-in of the Hamas government, everything that happened in Palestinian Authority was Hamas' responsibility. He stressed that Israel's stance was clear regarding future dealings with Hamas which would only be possible if the radical group accepted Israel's four conditions: Annulment of its accord, acceptance of previous agreements between Israel and the PA, recognition of Israel's right to exist, and the dismantling of terrorist infrastructures. "Starting yesterday, all that happens falls under the Hamas government's full responsibility. The Defense minister recently told the Jerusalem Post that if Hamas continued with its terrorist ways, Israel would hold its leaders personally responsible.