Mofaz warned of infiltrations from Egypt in 2004

Following Monday's suicide bombing in Eilat, documents surfaced showing that Shaul Mofaz as acting defense minister warned the government two and a half years ago that terror organizations would likely try to perpetrate an attack in the south of Israel given the porous border on the Egyptian frontier, Army Radio reported on Wednesday. According to the report, then-Deputy Minister of Internal Security Ya'akov Edri sent Mofaz a letter in 2004 in which he stressed that the lack of obstacles or IDF patrols in the area could be exploited by terrorist and criminal elements to enter into Israel. "It is advisable to at least begin planning construction of a security barrier on the [Egypt's] eastern border," wrote Edri. According to Army Radio, Mofaz's spokesperson at the time replied to Edri's letter with the following statement: "The minister turned to the prime minister and the finance minister with a plan to check the smuggling that cost approximately a billion shekels, but the request was denied, and instead it was decided to cut NIS 200 million from the military budget." On Monday, three men were killed when a suicide bomber from Gaza infiltrated into Eilat from Egypt and exploded inside a bakery inside the resort city in the first attack of its kind