Mothers to mark year since Hizbullah kidnapping

Families of kidnapped soldiers will hold a rally at Haifa's 'Gan Ha'em' (mother's) Park on Thursday to mark one year since the capture of Ehud Golwasser and Eldad Regev by Hizbullah on July 12, 2006. Representatives of families of all kidnapped troops will appear at the event, coordinated with Haifa's municipality, to call for their loved ones' immediate release. "We, [mothers of kidnapped soldiers] believe that a shout from mother to mother is stronger that any political issue and therefore the rally will not have a political atmosphere, but an ethical one… the feeling of yearning becomes stronger with time," said Ehud's mother, Miki on Sunday morning. "We call on the people of Israel, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, to come to Gan Ha'em, to make their voices heard and strengthen us in our difficult and long battle to return our sons," she added.