Nablus: IDF kills Islamic Jihad gunman

Man tries to escape from window as soldiers surround building; bombs found.

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Undercover IDF troops shot dead an Islamic Jihad gunman in the Casbah of Nablus overnight Thursday. The gunman was killed when he tried to escape from a window after troops had surrounded a building in which he was hiding, calling on him to surrender. During the operation a bomb was hurled at the soldiers. No one was wounded. In the building, troops discovered a rifle, a handgun and several explosive devices which were defused by sappers. The dead man was identified as Ra'al Abu al-Adis, 34, who, the IDF said, had attempted to perpetrate terror attacks against Israeli targets. During the operation the IDF arrested a second Palestinian in possession of a gun. Meanwhile, in Kalkilya, IDF soldiers arrested two Palestinian terror suspects.