Nazareth murder-suicide

Bodies of a father and his young son lying side-by-side found by police.

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Amakim District Police found a father and his young son dead from gunshot wounds late Wednesday morning, lying side by side in a wooded area near a playground on the grounds of the Nazareth Gardens Hotel. The officers were responding to a report of two shots fired. The preliminary investigation indicated that the father, Sharon Cohen, 33, of Givat Olga, shot his four-year-old son, Yiftah, and then turned his weapon on himself. Cohen's father, Avi, has managed the vacation site situated on a hill at the entrance to Nazareth for decades. Sharon Cohen recently began working as a security guard at the hotel, and Avi Cohen said his son had been scheduled to work the night shift on Tuesday. An eyewitness, Adnan Yizbek, said he had seen Sharon and his son shortly before the incident. He said the child had been holding a bag of pretzels, and that he appeared to be a "good boy" who was calm and not in distress. He said that he saw the father and son trying to climb a fence to enter the hotel grounds while bypassing the main gate. Yizbek continued to the hotel's offices, where he was telling an employee about the two when he heard the two gunshots. Avi Cohen sat meters away in his office, not knowing that the would-be trespassers were his son and grandson. Avi Cohen said his son had recently had marital difficulties, but others who were familiar with the couple said that they seemed to have a happy home life together with Yiftah, their only child.