Netanya: Grandma arrested for abuse

Victim's mother also detained; 20-year-old was starved and imprisoned.

Netanya police arrested a 75-year-old grandmother and her 45-year-old daughter Sunday, on suspicion of imprisoning and abusing her granddaughter, aged 20.
The Netanya Magistrate's Court subsequently released the grandmother to house arrest and the mother was released without conditions.
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Police arrived at the grandmother's Netanya apartment and broke in after neighbors complained of shouting and crying.
The girl was found suffering from malnutrition and neglect. Police believe that the suspects starved the victim, prevented her from using the lavatory and repeatedly threatened her. The victim weighed only 37 kilograms when the police found her.
Police suspect the abused woman was locked inside the apartment for several months.
The woman's grandmother is suspected of carrying out the majority of the abuse, including pouring chemical materials on the victim.
The Commander of the Netanya Police's Youth Unit, Aharon Rand, told Army Radio that the severely underweight victim was found hiding in a corner of the apartment. She then proceeded to tell the police about the threats and attacks she had been facing over the period of two months that she was imprisoned in the apartment.