Netanyahu: Security is the way to peace

Top candidate for Likud leadership, MK Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday during a press conference expressed his commitment to Israel's security. He stressed the importance of Israel's strength as a prerequisite for Israel's existence and for peace. He added that true peace must be based both on strength and on mutual, concrete steps. The former prime minister also emphasized that there should be no more unilateral concessions made to the Palestinians. Netanyahu recalled that during his term as prime minister, there was a great reduction in terrorist activity. The Likud candidate also defended himself against accusations that his economic reforms enacted during his term as finance minister lacked compassion. He asserted that improving the economy - that is compassion. Everyone is talking about socio-economic issues, Netanyahu said, but I did something about it. The former prime minister was sure to thank MK Uzi Landau, who recently quit the race for party leadership, backing Netanyahu instead. Many of the points outlined in Netanyahu's statement to the press stressed main points in the agreement reached between the two Likudniks. Landau spoke next and reiterated his support for Netanyahu. He also called upon the other Likud candidates to unite in favor of Netanyahu.
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