Netanyahu: Use Palestinian taxes to protect Sderot

The way to respond to the Palestinian rocket attacks on the Western Negev is to use the Palestinian Authority's tax revenues to safeguard buildings in Sderot, Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu suggested on Sunday in a Likud faction meeting in Sderot. The MKs toured sites in the city where Kassams had fallen and ascended lookout points in the town to view strategic points in the Gaza Strip that are being used to fire Kassam rockets. The faction called upon the government to stop hesitating in the face of the worsening security situation in the South and to end all talk of withdrawing unilaterally from the West Bank. "I'm still waiting for the massive reaction that is necessary," Netanyahu said. "The Prime Minister is hesitating and mumbling too much, and the other side realizes it." Asked whether he had come to Sderot to say "I told you so," he said "it doesn't matter who said; what matters is what has to be done now."