New bills permit shooting burglars

Firing on burglars will be considered an act of self-defense, according to three bills passed by the Knesset in preliminary readings Wednesday. The bills, which were created and supported by MKs from across the political spectrum, were drafted in the wake of the trial of Negev farmer Shai Dromi, who shot to death a burglar on his farm. The bills state that such actions will be considered self-defense "regardless of the results of the act." "A person will not be held criminally responsible for an act that was necessary to prevent a break-in or entrance into private property with the intent to commit a crime," stated one of the bills. The authors of the three bills, MKs Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Israel Beiteinu), Zvi Hendel (NU-NRP) and Yisrael Katz (Likud) agreed that they would combine their bills before they returned to the plenum for a second and third reading. Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann has already said that he opposed the language of the bills, saying that the language did not require property owners to justify their response to burglars, no matter how much force they use. The bills will now be moved to the Knesset's Law and Constitution Committee to be rewritten before they return for a second and third vote.