New law provides less run-around for moving around

Most Israelis who have changed places of residence have experienced the frustration of having to separately inform other state run service providing bodies of their new address by themselves. Many unfortunate souls who have not succeeded in the task know what its like to have remaining unpaid bills sent to their previous address, leading the collectors to demand extra interest and fine us for the unpaid bills. Hopefully, due to a private law presented by MK Ehud Ratzavi (Shinui), which goes into affect February 1, this will cease to be the norm. The law obligates some companies to update their customer databanks through the Interior Ministry by themselves, meaning that the common Israeli only has to notify the Interior Ministry of the new address. A person will also have a 30-day grace period to notify the Interior Ministry of the new address. The bodies that will be held to the new law are the Transportation Ministry's licensing authority, social security, the taxes authority, and the local authority, which will now have to perform a monthly check with the Interior Minstry. The law stipulates that if a bill is sent after 50 days have passed from the time the citizen notified the Interior Ministry of the new address, to the former address, the bill will be considered as undelivered, thus absolving the citizen of fines or interest payments.