No disciplinary action to be taken in Ramon wiretap case

Deputy A-G rules: 4 police, prosecution officials who failed to provide transcripts to defense "have already paid the price for their negligence."

Ramon (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Deputy Attorney-General Mike Blass said on Tuesday that there is no room to bring disciplinary or other administrative measures against senior police and prosecution officials that led the investigation of MK Haim Ramon.
In a report from June of this year, state comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss named four senior officials in the police and prosecution as being responsible for the state’s failure to provide Ramon with transcripts of wiretapped conversations related to his indictment and said the state ought to consider taking punitive measures against them.
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The four mentioned in the report were Miri Golan, former head of the National Fraud Investigation Unit, Dep.-Cmdr. Eran Kamin, who headed the investigation against Ramon, as well as Ruth David and Ariella Segal-Antler.
The transcripts pertained to the affair in which Ramon was charged with forcibly kissing a female IDF officer.
Blass concluded that the four were guilty of “substantial negligence,” but that they had not acted maliciously.
Ramon had contended that the four may have deliberately withheld the transcripts from his counsel. He argued that had the defense been in possession of the material before the trial began, the outcome might well have been different.
At the time, the court convicted Ramon of committing an indecent act against the officer.
Blass on Tuesday said in his decision that the state prosecution and police employees had gone through enough during the course of the investigation into their behavior, which has continued for four years. He added that the state comptroller’s June findings that the four were guilty of substantial negligence would go into their personal files.

Dan Izenberg contributed to this report.