NSC cautions travelers abroad

In light of the fighting in the north, and fears that Hizbullah will try to kidnap Israelis abroad, the National Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Division put out the following guidelines Sunday for Israelis traveling abroad:
  • Refrain from visiting or staying in all Arab countries with the exception of Mauritania and the Comoro Islands.
  • Do not visit or stay in areas where travel warnings are in place, especially in Islamic countries. For example, there are travel advisories against visiting parts of Turkey near the Iraq or Iranian borders, parts of Ethiopia, parts of Sri Lanka, and Kashmir.
  • Do not accept enticing and/or unexpected proposals abroad.
  • Do not receive unexpected gifts and invitations to free vacations from suspicious or unknown people.
  • Do not accept invitations to unexpected meetings from suspicious or unknown elements in remote or isolated places, especially at night.
  • Do not go to unplanned meetings alone.