NSC: Israelis should leave Egypt, Jordan immediately

Israelis also urged to leave Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Kashmir, Mindanao and Chechnya.

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sinai beach 88
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In an updated travel warning issued before the Pessah holiday, the National Security Council's counterterrorism division called on Israelis to immediately leave Jordan and Egypt, especially Sinai, because of concrete threats. In addition to Jordan and Egypt, the other countries where Israelis were called upon to leave immediately were Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Kashmir in northern India, Mindanao in the southern Philippines and Chechnya in southern Russia. The counterterrorism division updates its travel warnings twice a year - before Pessah and Rosh Hashana. The countries with the next highest level of warning - where Israelis were called upon to "avoid visiting and leave the country as soon as possible" - were Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, northern Nigeria and southern Thailand. Countries that were in the "avoid visiting" category were Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Qatar, Morocco, Chad, Bahrain and Kenya. And the areas with the least severe warning - where Israelis were recommended to "postpone non-essential travel" - were Libya, Oman, Tajikistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, southeastern Turkey near the borders with Iran and Iraq and Khao San Road and vicinity in Bangkok. Turkey, a favorite destination for Israelis, was included in a list of countries that also included Thailand, the Philippines and Uzbekistan, where the counterterrorism division said that Israelis should be "especially cautious," even though there was no general warning against travel to those countries.