Officer, two soldiers lightly wounded

Two troops wounded during protest; Palestinians shoot soldier in West Bank.

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An IDF officer and a border policeman were lightly injured on Friday afternoon during a protest held by left-wing activists and Palestinian near Kafr Bilain, Israel Radio reported. Security forces shot rubber bullets at the protestors.
  • IDF soldier wounded by stones in Hebron Earlier, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded when shot by Palestinians from a passing car during an operation in Ramallah. Troops returned fire at the car and killed the two Palestinians inside the vehicle. Soldiers discovered a grenade and two bullet casings in the car following the attack. The wounded soldier was evacuated to Jerusalem's Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital for medical treatment. In a separate incident, IDF soldiers killed two armed Palestinians in Beitunya, west of Ramallah. Troops identified the men, armed with an M16 rifle and a pistol, approaching their position inside a building. When the two refused to heed to the soldiers' calls to stop, the troops opened fire, killing both men. Despite the IDF claims that the two were dressed in civilian clothing, Palestinians reported that the two were members of the Palestinian Authority Preventive Security Force, a law enforcement agency affiliated with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah. In separate operations in the West Bank overnight Thursday, IDF troops arrested four Palestinian fugitives. In one such operation in Beit Likya, west of Ramallah, three Islamic Jihad operatives were nabbed, while a Fatah activist was arrested southwest of Kalkilya.