Official: Hamas behind recent Kassams

"The IDF will not hesitate to assassinate anyone involved in Kassam launching."

homemade kassam 298 (photo credit: AP)
homemade kassam 298
(photo credit: AP)
The defense establishment accused Hamas of direct involvement in Tuesday's barrage of Kassam rockets on the southern city of Sderot, with security officials threatening to target anyone involved in anti-Israel terror activity, including Hamas officials. "The IDF will not hesitate to target and assassinate any Palestinian involved in Kassam rocket fire, even if they belong to Hamas," a senior defense official said. The official noted that the defense establishment had received intelligence indicating that Tuesday's attacks were perpetrated by Hamas, which since a 2005 ceasefire announcement had mostly abstained from direct involvement in terror attacks. The official said that Tuesday's attack was one of the first times Hamas was directly involved in Kassam rocket fire since the announcement of the ceasefire. Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip nine months ago, Kassam fire has become a daily reality for the residents of the western Negev, but with rockets falling mostly in empty fields. The attacks have been carried out by the so-called Popular Resistance Committees, an offshoot of Hamas which in some cases supplied the terrorists with the rockets and explosives.