Olmert: I am hounded by 'platoon of investigators'

Olmert says he is hounded by state comptroller and a "platoon of investigators."

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in remarks broadcast Saturday on Channel 2 that he felt hounded by a "platoon of investigators" in corruption probes, including those ordered up by the main government watchdog. Olmert's comments marked just the latest round in a public spat with Israel's state comptroller, Micha Lindenstraus. Olmert said he and his associates were being hounded. "I also ask how it happened that during the time that I, an adult, who has been active for 40 years ... suddenly there is someone who sends platoons of investigators to investigate all corners of my life and incessantly heap criticism on me," Olmert said. Olmert said he was referring to Lindenstraus, and accused him of foot-dragging in his investigation of the real estate deal. "Something here is strange, that's all," Olmert said.