Olmert: We will respond with force to terror

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Knesset on Monday that "we will respond with force to every terror act, from the north or the south, from land or sea." "This war has demonstrated that the State of Israel won't suffer any harm to come to its sovereignty or citizens," Olmert declared, adding that UN Security Council Resolution 1701 "will change fundamentally our strategic situation on the northern border." According to the prime minister, the resolution's main achievement was that "the entire international community agrees that the terror state in Lebanon must be annihilated," he said. "The Security Council decided unanimously that there are only Israel and Lebanon - no longer a state within a state, no longer a terror organization permitted to act inside Lebanon as the long arm of the axis of evil that stretches from Teheran to Damascus and uses Lebanon in its weakness as a tool in its war."