Omri Sharon denies that he threatened Zelekha

Omri Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and Eli Cohen, a budget supervisor at the Finance Ministry, both denied on Tuesday an allegation that they threatened the ministry's Accountant Geeneral Yaron Zelekha in 2005. Journalist and chairman of the watchdog organization "Ometz," Arye Abnari, told Army Radio that the threat was made during the authorization of an agreement between the government and the Bank Otsar Hashilton Hamekomi in 2005. "Mr. Eli Cohen said, in the name of Omri Sharon, to Yaron Zelekha that if he [Zelekha] did not pass the deal with the Bank Otsar, it would "be on his head," Abnari said in the interview Tuesday morning. "According to our understandings of the 'it will be on your head,' he was saying that he [Zelekha] stands to be harmed, a clear threat," Abnari said. Omri Sharon said in response that Abnari's insinuations were "total nonsense," and accordingly they were not substantiated when checked by Attorney General Mani Mazuz. Mazuz decided not to proceed with a criminal investigation in the case due to a lack of witnesses.