One killed in rocket attacks on Sunday

One person seriously wounded near Haifa; 250 rockets hit.

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Despite the declaration of an impending cease-fire, Hizbullah stepped up its rocket attacks on Sunday, firing at least 250 Katyushas and long-range rockets at northern towns and villages - the most fired in any one day since the fighting began over a month ago. Several rocket barrages hit Haifa and its suburbs Sunday evening, damaging a number of buildings and cars. Some 30 people were lightly wounded. For a Jerusalem Online video of events click here An 83-year-old man, Madi Hayat, of Ya'ara, was killed and another person was moderately wounded after a rocket scored a direct hit on a house in the Shlomi area.
Kiryat Shmona suffered multiple strikes on Sunday, some in residential neighborhoods and other in the industrial district. One rocket scored a direct hit on a house, lightly wounding one person. Warning sirens continued to sound throughout the North on Sunday, as residents rushed to take shelter. Some 60 rockets landed in Israel on Saturday, a marked contrast to 120 on Friday and the daily average of 150 rockets during the last week.