One Palestinian killed in Jenin battle with undercover unit

One Palestinian was killed and 12 wounded in a day marred by violent clashes between Palestinians and security forces operating in Jenin. Three members of an elite undercover Border Police unit were lightly wounded during gun battles in the city. The operation aimed at routing out wanted Islamic Jihad and Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades fugitives is part of the ongoing clampdown conducted by the army in northern Samaria after last month's Hadera suicide bombing in which six Israelis were killed. Late Wednesday night, troops remained in the city after entering before dawn. The IDF refused to comment on Palestinian reports claiming that security forces had demolished one building where Islamic Jihad fugitives were believed to be hiding and had begun demolishing a second one. The army confirmed however that, throughout the day, shots were fired and stones and firebombs thrown at security forces who, in a number of instances, responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. At first, Palestinian reports claimed that Salah Foukra, 24, was unarmed when he was shot and killed by IDF gunfire. Later, however, media reports claimed he was a member of Fatah's Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades. Two of the twelve Palestinians wounded were said to be in serious condition. The Palestinian News Network said that up to seventy armored vehicles entered the city and camp in the early morning hours. During the day, troops blew up a five-storey technology center owned by the Jenin municipality, claiming wanted fugitives were hiding inside. The reports also claimed that security forces surrounded the Yehiyeh Ayash building and that bulldozers were beginning to demolish it. Meanwhile in Kalil, near Nablus, security forces arrested three family members, believed to be Fatah Tanzim fugitives involved in numerous shooting attacks against security forces and Israeli civilians in the area. During the raid conducted by IDF and Border Police units, troops surrounded two houses and called on the fugitives to surrender to troops outside. One of the fugitives gave himself up but two others in the neighboring house ignored the calls. A bulldozer began to demolish the outer walls, forcing the fugitives to surrender. During the operation, shots were fired and bombs thrown at security forces who returned fire and identified hitting several perpetrators. Later the army released the names of the three fugitives arrested - Uhab Mansour, 24,Wa'al Mansour, 31 and Handi Mansour, 24. Elsewhere in the West Bank, security forces arrested five fugitives. One in Dir al Atsun, north east of Tulkarm, where soldiers found a hand gun and bullets when searching his home. Another fugitive was arrested south west of Hebron and three in Yamoun, near Jenin, where soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse Palestinian rioters.