One soldier wounded in Al-Adisa clash

Ground forces operating in new zone in S. Lebanon discover large weapons cache.

captured Hiz weapons 298 (photo credit: IDF)
captured Hiz weapons 298
(photo credit: IDF)
The Nahal Brigade, alongside Brigade 401, was operating near the village of Ataybeh in Lebanon, west of Metulla. An IDF soldier was moderately wounded during clashes in the village of Al-Adisa, which was used, the IDF said, as a launching site for rockets at Israeli communities in North.
The IDF said that operations there were intended to destroy the Hizbullah infrastructure and discover weapons caches believed to be hidden there. At least three terrorists were killed, in addition to which IDF troops discovered large weapons caches, a Katyusha rocket launcher, 10 RPG missiles, an artillery cannon, and 18 shells. Fourteen other rockets, explosives, IDF uniforms, and an instruction manual for anti-tank missiles were also discovered. Hizbullah's al-Manar TV channel said Sunday that fierce clashes broke out between the guerrilla and IDF troops who had entered a zone known as the Taybeh Project area, some three or four kilometers inside the border. It said clashes were taking place between Golani Brigade troops and Hizbullah operatives near Kfar Kila, close to the town of Marjayoun from which IDF troops pulled out on Saturday after a week of fierce fighting. Al-Manar also broadcast a communique from Hizbullah saying it had shelled Israeli outposts along the border. Also overnight Saturday, IDF forces spotted a Hizbullah cell north of Dovev, that was attempting to infiltrate the northern border and cross into Israel. Troops fired on the cell, killing all the operatives. Meanwhile, the IDF wrapped up its operations in the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbail on Saturday and withdrew most of its troops from the area. At the same time, the army was gearing up for a new ground incursion into Lebanon. Following a night of intense clashes during which close to 30 Hizbullah guerrillas were killed and one IDF paratrooper was seriously wounded, OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam declared that Bint Jbail was "almost in ruins." Adam said that while the IDF had pulled most of its troops out of Bint Jbail, a small force did remain and was in control of the town, once home to 20,000 Shi'ites, most of whom fled into northern Lebanon before fighting erupted there last Monday. Israel said the air force would continue to pound Bint Jbail and ground forces "retained the right" to return at any time. Infantrymen from the Golani and Paratroopers Brigades killed at least 50 Hizbullah gunmen and wounded hundreds more during fierce gunbattles in Bint Jbail over the weekend. Most of the wounded were from Hizbullah's special forces and had come to reinforce the regular Hizbullah guerrillas in the village. Soldiers confiscated dozens of handguns and rifles, as well as ammunition, grenades, mines, and five anti-tank missiles there. As Battalion 890 of the Paratroopers Brigade began to pull out of Bint Jbail, Military Intelligence personnel using an unmanned aerial vehicle spotted a group of Hizbullah terrorists on motorcycles on their way to set up an ambush for the withdrawing troops. IDF troops deployed accordingly and engaged the enemy force, killing 26 guerrillas. Seven soldiers were wounded, including one seriously. Since Operation Change of Direction started on July 12, more than 200 Hizbullah guerrillas have been killed, a high-ranking officer said Saturday.